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Beehiiv Announces Significant Pricing and Plan Updates

Beehiiv launched back in 2021 with one simple goal: build the absolute best platform to help people seamlessly create, grow, and monetize their newsletters.

Initially, Beehiiv offered just a few basic features, and the app looked more like a high school project than anything professional. However, the gradient dashboard was considered stylish even then.

Beehiiv has come quite a long way since its early days. In just the past two years, Beehiiv has launched dozens of the industry’s most powerful features and is now home to thousands of the world’s most popular newsletters. Beehiiv has built an entire reputation for relentlessly shipping features and improving its product at an unheard-of pace.

Rapid Growth and User Focused

This rapid development is due to Beehiiv’s unwavering commitment to its users. Beehiiv is user-obsessed, which is why the company is the only platform to take 0% of subscription revenue generated by its users. Beehiiv has one of the industry’s most comprehensive and generous free plans. Beehiiv’s entire team is available online to listen to and serve its community.

As of today, Beehiiv is excited to announce four massive updates to its plans and pricing:

  1. The free Launch plan is now even more robust and includes three additional features that were previously only available on paid plans.
  2. The Scale plan is now available at a lower price (starting at $39/month) to make beehiiv’s most powerful features, such as the Referral Program, Boosts, Ad Network, and Automations, more affordable than ever before.
  3. The all-new Max plan (starting at $99/month) allows users to remove beehiiv branding, launch up to 10 publications, receive priority support, and access the NewsletterXP Course (which previously sold for $999).
  4. A tier-based pricing model has been introduced, allowing users at different stages of their growth to pay a different amount based on their size. This allows smaller users to take advantage of beehiiv’s amazing suite of features for less, while larger users can benefit from a broader overall network while still maintaining the most affordable prices in the industry.

Pretty Darn Good

In summary, beehive is offering more features at lower prices. Users who were previously on the legacy Grow plan will transition to the new Scale plan to take advantage of all of the most powerful features beehiiv has to offer.

In total, nearly 70% of Beehiiv’s users are either receiving a discount from what they were previously paying or now have access to more features while keeping their monthly billing the same. This is beehiiv’s commitment to remain the most affordable platform in the market.

Beehiiv’s new pricing stacks up favorably compared to competitors’ plans. Enterprise users (those with over 100,000 subscribers) will not be impacted by the changes, and any user whose plan will increase in price with the latest updates will maintain their legacy pricing for several months prior to experiencing any change in billing.

Beehiiv is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with email. To date, beehiiv has been able to contribute to some of the largest newsletter success stories in recent times, including the multi-million dollar acquisition of Milk Road, AI for Work getting acquired in 6 months, Inverse Cramer getting acquired in under one year, and many more.

Beehiiv hopes that users’ newsletters can be the latest Beehiiv success stories. For additional information, users can visit the pricing page or FAQ. To provide feedback on the pricing changes, users can email Beehiiv acknowledges that it has been drastically undercharging for years and is still going to be the most affordable option, but is happy to discuss further.


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