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Apr 25
Beehiiv Announces Significant Pricing and Plan Updates

Beehiiv launched back in 2021 with one simple goal: build the absolute best platform to help people seamlessly create, grow, and monetize their newsletters. Initially, Beehiiv offered just a few basic features, and the app looked more like a high school project than anything professional. However, the gradient dashboard was considered stylish even then. Beehiiv […]

Mar 09
Newsletters: A Powerful Communication Tool For Businesses and Organizations

A newsletter is a printed or electronic publication that provides news, updates, and information to a targeted audience on a consistent schedule. Newsletters enable businesses and organizations to share important updates, build brand awareness, drive engagement, nurture relationships, and market cost-effectively.

Mar 03
Beehiiv vs. Substack: Choosing the Right Newsletter Platform for You

When weighing Beehiiv versus Substack for your newsletter, assess key factors like customization needs, monetization goals, and ideal reader experience. Beehiiv excels in branding and multimedia options while Substack offers famed simplicity. Both provide free trials to test which platform best supports your creative vision.