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Exploring the Diverse Range of Newsletters under the Morning Brew Brand

The Power House That Keeps on Going

Morning Brew has become a highly dependable and informative source of news and insights, providing readers with the latest industry updates. They offer a diverse collection of newsletters that cater to different interests and sectors. Each newsletter is designed to give readers an in-depth analysis and understanding of the latest news and events.

The Morning Brew newsletters are written in a concise, easy-to-understand language that makes them accessible to all readers. Focusing on providing reliable and informative news, the Morning Brew newsletters have become a go-to source for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest news and insights in their respective fields. Let’s have a look at what’s on offer:

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is the perfect solution if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest news in the business world. This flagship newsletter delivers daily informative content straight to your inbox, covering finance, technology, and politics. The information is presented in an easily understandable format, with a conversational tone that makes it easy to follow. Whether you’re a business professional or simply interested in the latest industry updates, Morning Brew is the ideal resource for keeping you informed.

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Founder’s Journal

The Founder’s Journal, written by Alex Lieberman, co-founder of Morning Brew, is a weekly newsletter that provides valuable insights and actionable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals in business leadership. The newsletter is published every Sunday and has gained a significant following since its inception. One of its most viral stories was about the power of saying “no” and how it can lead to tremendous success in business and life. Alex is a serial entrepreneur who hit it big with a simple premise: good reporting. His writing style is clear-cut and actionable, meaning anybody can build their blueprint from the pearls of wisdom he so gracefully shares for free.

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Money Scoop

Money Scoop is a comprehensive newsletter that empowers readers with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their finances effectively. Whether you’re looking to create a budget, save for a down payment on a house, or plan for retirement, Money Scoop has got you covered. The newsletter provides valuable tips, strategies, and insights to help you make informed financial decisions.

One of our most popular posts is “10 Simple Ways to Save Money and Build Your Wealth.” This article offers practical advice on how to cut expenses, increase your income, and invest wisely. Unlike many other organizations, it does not recommend quitting buying coffee or avocado toast. By following these tips, you can build wealth and achieve your financial goals. Subscribe to Money Scoop now to receive this article and other valuable content in your inbox.

Unfortunately, this newsletter is winding down as of the end of September 2023.

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Money with Katie

Money with Katie is another personal finance newsletter focusing on women’s financial empowerment. Katie Rooney, Morning Brew’s Chief Revenue Officer, shares her expertise and experiences to help women take control of their finances and build wealth.

Katie Rooney’s personal finance newsletter, Money with Katie, is a powerful resource for women seeking financial empowerment. After facing her financial struggles and realizing the lack of resources available for women, Katie decided to take matters into her own hands and create a platform to share her experiences and expertise.

With a background in finance and sales, Katie knew the importance of understanding and managing money. She began sharing her tips and tricks with friends and family and soon realized the need for a broader audience. That’s when she decided to launch Money with Katie.

Unlike the other newsletters on this list, this one was acquired by Morning Brew as it was seen as potentially valuable. Recognizing the value and importance of Katie’s mission, they acquired the newsletter and brought Katie on as their Chief Revenue Officer.

Now, Katie continues to share her financial knowledge and experiences with a broader audience through Money with Katie while also leading the revenue efforts at Morning Brew. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and the importance of financial education for everyone.

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CFO Brew

CFO Brew is a comprehensive resource for finance professionals and executives, providing deep insights into corporate finance, financial management, analysis, and strategic decision-making. The articles cover various topics, including financial planning and analysis, risk management, and budgeting. Strategy and compliance in the corporate world are also often mentioned, giving you the latest news. Most articles provide practical guidance on measuring and improving financial performance. Whether you are a CFO, finance director, or involved in financial leadership, CFO Brew has the information you need to stay informed and make strategic decisions.

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Tech Brew

Tech Brew is a must-read for tech enthusiasts and professionals. It covers the latest trends, innovations, and news from the world of technology. Tech Brew informs you about the ever-evolving tech industry, from startups to big tech companies. It informs business leaders about the latest innovations, automation advances, policy shifts, and more to help them make intelligent decisions. It covers various topics, including AI, automation, the metaverse, AR, VR, and blockchain. The platform aims to maintain an unbiased and informative stance on current events, although this is only sometimes possible, and it only sometimes takes a global view of information.

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HR Brew

HR Brew focuses on human resources and people management. It provides insights into HR best practices, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and workplace culture. HR professionals and business leaders can benefit from HR Brew’s valuable content and expert advice. This is one of the few niche newsletters more challenging to find elsewhere. So, for now, it is one of the couple of places to get information relating to HR.

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Retail Brew

Retail Brew is dedicated to the retail industry. It covers e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, consumer trends, and retail technology. Whether you’re a retailer, marketer, or industry observer, Retail Brew offers valuable insights into the world of retail. Some aspects may be too general for niche retail, but the overall dynamics of the market and innovations in the space are covered.

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Healthcare Brew

Healthcare Brew focuses on the healthcare industry, covering healthcare policy, pharmaceuticals, digital health, and more. It provides a comprehensive overview of the ever-changing healthcare landscape, making it a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and industry stakeholders. However, a few aspects and insights may interest you if you are outside of the USA. The news is predominantly based on US interests, developments, and news. So, finding relevant news may be challenging and not attractive.

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Marketing Brew

Marketing Brew is a go-to resource for marketers and advertisers. It covers the latest trends, strategies, and campaigns in the marketing world. From social media marketing to influencer marketing, Marketing Brew keeps marketers informed and inspired. As with healthcare brew, this is predominantly based on news and developments on the US market and may not always be relevant to the rest of the world. However, given that many marketing firsts are made in the US market, this may give you an edge in your country if you get the news earlier.

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The Morning Brew brand offers various newsletters, each catering to specific interests and industries. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, finance professional, tech enthusiast, HR professional, retailer, healthcare stakeholder, or marketer, Morning Brew has a newsletter for you. Stay informed, inspired, and empowered with the Morning Brew newsletters.

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