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Unraveling the Future: Exploring the Top 5 Newsletters on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a transformative force in this age of rapid technological advancements, reshaping industries, revolutionizing healthcare, and even influencing our daily lives. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity to stay informed about AI’s latest trends, breakthroughs, and applications. In this digital era, newsletters have become the go-to source for staying updated with the ever-evolving world of AI. These newsletters serve as a compass guiding us through the intricate landscape of AI, helping us make informed decisions, and sparking our imagination about the limitless possibilities of this technology.

As we delve into the digital treasure trove of AI knowledge, it is crucial to distinguish the gold standards in AI newsletters. In this article, we will explore the top 5 newsletters that provide unparalleled insights into the fascinating realm of artificial intelligence. These newsletters are informative and persuasive, compelling readers to engage with AI on a deeper level. They offer a front-row seat to the AI revolution, ensuring you don’t merely observe but actively participate in shaping the future.


SuperHuman Big Banner

Superhuman is an AI-focused newsletter created by Zain and Awais Kahn that has grown to 400,000 subscribers in a short time. The newsletter focuses on disseminating news and updates about outstanding accomplishments, discoveries, and productivity best practices. The main aim of the newsletter is to give you a brief overview of the state of AI and potentially new use cases. There is a mix of humor and practical advice to stay on top of all the developments. One interesting note is that it also delves into the research, which is usually ahead of the actual practical implementation of AI. When you subscribe, you get their list of Top 100 AI Tools.

Zain Kahn is a multifaceted professional with a diverse career in the startup and AI ecosystems. He is an investor, advisor, and creator who has helped companies acquire over 8 million users and generate over $20 million in revenue. Since late 2021, Zain has been operating as an investor, advisor, and fractional marketing executive to early-stage companies while building multiple media properties as a creator.

Previously, Zain served as the VP of Marketing at CareGuide and has built marketing channels in the SaaS, B2C, Marketplace, and Fintech spaces. He advises startups backed by top-tier VCs such as Y Combinator and DCVC and is building the world’s most significant AI newsletter, Superhuman. With over 10,000 readers from companies such as Apple, Google, and Meta, Superhuman is a valuable resource for AI advancements and industry insights.

It is currently completely free to join Superhuman; no additional plans are available. If you’d like more info, please look at our listing here.

Big Brain

Big Brain big banner

Big Brain is a daily newsletter that delivers concise and informative content about artificial intelligence, all in just 3 minutes. It boasts a readership of over 100,000, including big names like Google, a16z, and Microsoft, and has established itself as a go-to source for quick and relevant AI news. The newsletter summarizes the top three AI-related stories daily and provides links to the full articles for those who want to dive deeper. It usually includes two fun sections to wrap things up: AI Art Piece and ChatGPT Prompt of the Day.

In addition to the newsletter, Big Brain has a searchable AI job board for those interested in a career change or wanting to see what else is out there. This is accessible via their website, or click here.

The newsletter is co-authored by Alex Valaitis and Alan Buxbaum. Alex Valaitis is an experienced product manager who has worked in various organizations. He is building the largest AI Careers Platform and is a former Product Lead at LinkedIn and Intuit. Alex is also the Vice-President and Treasurer of Transcend, a student organization focused on bringing together students.  Alex has also authored a book titled “Modern College: Choose Your Path. Get a Degree. Land Your Dream Job”. Alan Buxbaum is a technical writer and blockchain technology consultant. His current activities are unclear from the search results, but he has experience as a technical writer and content manager at Cardano Pills.

Big Brain also contains a paid tier for $99.99 called “Big Brain Premium.” They promise the following:

  • ChatGPT prompts for your job
  • AI guides for each job function
  • Alerts for hot AI jobs
  • Beta access to new AI career products
  • Exclusive interviews with industry experts
  • Can be expensed

The Rundown

“The Rundown AI” is the ultimate source for timely and relevant updates on artificial intelligence (AI). Whether you’re an engineer, designer, manager, investor, or startup founder, this newsletter is tailored to provide the latest advancements, breakthroughs, and insights from the AI realm. Discover various AI topics, from cutting-edge technology developments to real-world applications and transformative machine learning advancements. Join a community of professionals from industry giants like Microsoft, Tesla, NASA, and Meta, who trust “The Rundown AI” to deliver concise, value-packed insights in every issue.

Access exclusive interviews with AI experts, dive into in-depth analysis of AI’s impact on society and the economy and enhance your AI skills with tutorials and curated resources. Stay in the loop with major AI events and conferences, ensuring you never miss a chance to connect and learn.

Robert Cheung founded The Rundown AI, a rapidly growing AI newsletter dedicated to informing millions about AI advancements and how technology is transforming the world. Cheung is also the creator of Supertools, a database website that compiles the best tools mentioned in his newsletter, boasting over 100,000 monthly users.

The newsletter is completely free, and the database is a nice bonus.

You can learn more here.

Future Tools Weekly

Future Tools Weekly is a newsletter that delivers a curated selection of 5 innovative AI tools, three exciting news articles, 3 inspiring videos, and 1 new way to make money with AI straight to subscribers’ inboxes. Unlike other newsletters that can clutter your inbox daily, Future Tools Weekly takes a more structured approach and delivers its content once a week.

The newsletter aims to provide a TLDR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) of the AI world for the week, with new mind-expanding tools, news, and videos. It collects and organizes all the best AI tools so subscribers can become superhuman. The newsletter is concise and briefly describes the tools, news, and videos, making it easy for subscribers to stay up-to-date with the latest AI developments.

Subscribers can expect to receive Future Tools Weekly regularly, and it’s a great way to stay informed about the latest AI developments.

Matt Wolfe is a serial entrepreneur and the creator of FutureTools, a website that lists over 2,000 AI-based tools. He is passionate about AI and future tech tools and has a background in design. Wolfe quit his job in 2009 to pursue digital entrepreneurship. He is also an investor obsessed with AI, future tech, and the creator economy. Wolfe updates daily with new tools that come across his radar and creates weekly videos for YouTube around various topics related to future tech. He built as a weekend project to learn WebFlow and develop a new skill. Wolfe is currently a tech educator and founder of FutureTools.

You can learn more about the newsletter here.

Ben’s Bits

The last one is in order but not the last in the ranking (this isn’t a ranking list, just a top 5!).

Ben’s Bites is a daily newsletter that covers the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence. The newsletter is sent out every weekday and concisely summarizes the top product launches, research, and news from the past 24 hours. It is written in a humorous and engaging style and takes only 5 minutes or less to read. Ben’s Bites is read by over 120,000 curious readers, including those from Google, a16z, Sequoia, and more. The newsletter is free to join and has covered over 8,000 products. Ben’s Bites separates the newsletter into one-liners with links to Code Tools, Learning, and Miscellaneous AI applications. The newsletter is not for non-technical individuals, bite-sized readers, or formal audiences, which sets it apart from the other newsletters mentioned in this list.  It has an exciting news section that reads like Reddit. An interesting post from there was one based on the fact that you shouldn’t establish your business on Discord (or any platform) because you can lose it quickly.

Ben Tossell is the Ex-founder and CEO of Makerpad, a website that teaches people how to build apps and websites without writing a single line of code. He is a prominent figure in the no-code community and has been featured in various interviews and podcasts. Ben discovered the world of no-code when he started building stuff without code and posting about his builds on Twitter. He was inspired to start Makerpad to help others learn how to build without code. Recently, Zapier acquired Makerpad, and Ben is excited about the future of Makerpad with the acquisition in mind. Ben has been featured in various interviews and podcasts, including the SaaS Club podcast, the Codecademy interview, and the Formstack podcast. He has also been interviewed on YouTube by RBL1 Live and featured in a Founder Interview on YouTube.

Read more here.


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