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Macromegas is a meticulously curated collection of ideas and articles covering various subjects, such as geopolitics, societal trends, technological advancements, and business tactics. Valentin Vincendon, the author of the eponymous blog, shares his valuable thoughts and includes pertinent links to his blog posts in the newsletter. In his immersive writings, he delves into fascinating topics like NFTs and COVID-19 vaccines, delivering unique perspectives and stimulating your intellect. By subscribing, you can further understand the powerful influences that mold our economy and society.


Valentin has started to post sporadically.

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Macromegas is free of charge, providing valuable insights and analyses to its subscribers without any cost.

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Valentin Vincendon

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Valentin Vincendon is an investor with a deep interest in geopolitics and military history. He holds a master's degree in economics, finance, strategy, and evolutionary psychology. Through his Macromegas newsletter, Valentin aims to share his top readings and thought processes to encourage a deeper understanding of world events.

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