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Zelo is an embodiment of enthusiasm that goes beyond just being passionate and devoted to a person, cause, or ideal. It also includes a commitment to continuous self-improvement and living a purpose-driven life. By harnessing the power of diligent enthusiasm and strong interest, Zelo can act as a catalyst for embracing new productivity hacks that improve efficiency and effectiveness in one's endeavors. It welcomes life-changing mindset tips that can reshape how we see challenges and opportunities, leading to profound personal growth.

Zelo aims to promote wellness, health, and fitness, motivating people to keep up with the latest insights and practices to support their physical and mental well-being. Additionally, it encourages individuals to engage in thought-provoking philosophy, inspiring them to reflect on life's profound questions and delve into the depths of their intellectual curiosity.

Amidst challenges and setbacks, Zelo serves as an unwavering source of motivation that enables individuals to remain determined in their pursuits. It emphasizes the significance of living a purposeful, intentional, and enthusiastic life, where every decision and action is carried out with purpose and passion. In the end, Zelo acts as a driving force that empowers individuals to leave a meaningful impact on the world and lead a fulfilling life.

The website offers additional resources, paid booklets, journals, guides, and writing tools. The newsletter provides practical writing tips in a concise manner.

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It's completely free for the newsletter, there are journals and other items for sale on the site which is how Zelo generates income.

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Michael Peter Robert Johnston

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Michael Johnston is an enthusiast of outdoor activities, travel, music, sports, and health. As the director of Zelo and Fed Enterprise, he creates experiences that blend food, drink, music, live entertainment, and charity, and supports mental health charities by raising more than £45,000 for these causes. Michael also provides practical solutions to enhance employee well-being, productivity, and health habits through Zelo.

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