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Writerpreneur Monthly is primarily a newsletter that offers monthly advice on building a unique digital identity that attracts desirable prospects. It aims to help you expand your horizons and establish your own brand and empire. Additionally, it features candid updates on the author's entrepreneurial experience and the valuable lessons she has garnered. By subscribing, you gain access to Lena's insights on overcoming imposter syndrome, navigating the challenges of executing ideas, and discovering handpicked gems on the web.

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The subscription to Writerpreneur Monthly is free of charge. Enjoy the valuable insights and tips shared by Lena without any cost.

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Lena Sesardic

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Lena Sesardic is a multilingual writer and entrepreneur with a background in product management. Originally from Croatia, she has spent a significant part of her life in Japan and Hong Kong. Lena's journey led her to discover personal branding, online writing, and marketing as her true passion. With her unique methods, she has attracted numerous opportunities and now aims to share her knowledge with her subscribers for free, empowering them to build their own empires.

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