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Have you heard about Two Bossy Dames? It's a delightful newsletter filled with lively discussions and expert suggestions. The bosses behind it curate the internet's hidden gems while also expressing their adoration for literature, pop culture, and even sports. Get ready for captivating insights into Taylor Swift's latest album, intriguing reflections on Star Trek: Discovery, and fantastic recommendations for top-notch hair products!

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For those who wish to support the authors and gain additional benefits, a paid subscription is available for just $7. By subscribing, you will receive full access to the newsletter's archive, providing you with a valuable resource of past issues. While only a few articles are kept behind the paywall, your subscription plays a crucial role in supporting the authors' hard work and their commitment to delivering quality content.

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Margaret Willison and Sophie Brookover

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Margaret and Sophie are the creative minds behind the successful newsletter Two Bossy Dames. Margaret is not only a librarian but also a writer and podcaster, while Sophie proudly embraces the titles of a library lady and a culture witch. Their shared passion for pop culture and genuine curiosity about new connections make their content both entertaining and insightful.

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