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The Sociology of Business is a newsletter that delves into the transformations undergone by brands as a result of shifts in consumer preferences and values. Ana Andjelic offers case studies, strategic analysis, and up-to-date news, shedding light on consumer behaviors. If you have a fervor for brand strategies and the contemporary aspirational economy, make sure to subscribe to The Sociology of Business newsletter. Discover how to effectively communicate your brand narrative, understand the distinctions between flexible and fundamental tastes, and recognize the significance of human curation.

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The subscription to The Sociology of Business newsletter is entirely free of charge, allowing you to access high-quality content without any financial obligations. Enjoy the valuable insights from Ana Andjelic without any associated costs.

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Ana Andjelic

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Ana Andjelic is a highly influential strategy executive with a doctorate in sociology. She is recognized as one of Forbes' The World's Most Influential CMOs. In addition to her work for top brands, Ana Andjelic is an accomplished author and entrepreneur, known for her expertise in writing, speaking, and advising.

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