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"The Sauce" is a newsletter that provides content creators and digital entrepreneurs with useful insights and tips to help them grow their brands. Taylor Peterson and Jon Briggs created it, and it covers various topics, including updates on popular social media platforms, the latest technology trends, advancements in artificial intelligence, and strategies for generating revenue from content monetization. By subscribing to "The Sauce," you can receive weekly updates and insights to help you stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of content creation and digital entrepreneurship.

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Taylor Peterson and Jon Briggs

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Taylor Peterson and Jon Briggs are the authors of "The Sauce" newsletter. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about their achievements. According to their LinkedIn profiles, Taylor Peterson is based in New York City and has nearly a decade of experience at the intersection of media, tech, and publishing. Jon Briggs is a creative content producer with two Emmy Award nominations. "The Sauce" newsletter provides social platform updates, tech insights, AI trends, and content monetization tips to help content creators and digital entrepreneurs level up their brand.

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