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The Pricing Conundrum is a newsletter by Utpal Dholakia that delves into pricing concepts, strategies, best practices, case studies, and academic research across various industries.

The newsletter covers a range of topics related to pricing, including consumer psychology, microeconomics, and marketing. It offers analysis of pricing stories in the news, assessments of academic pricing research, detailed discussions on specific pricing concepts or phenomena, case studies illustrating best practices or lessons from pricing decisions gone wrong, and explanations of pricing tools.

Subscribers to The Pricing Conundrum receive occasional emails about pricing strategy and psychological pricing. While most content is free to subscribers, a paid subscription option includes access to subscriber-only posts, a five-year archive of price case studies, educational content, and a community. The paid subscription costs $7 per month or $50 annually. Annual subscribers also receive PDF versions of Utpal Dholakia's books on effective pricing (as well as future books).

The Pricing Conundrum explores the intricate relationship between price, value, and consumer perception. It discusses how price conveys aspects of value based on the consumer's sacrifices and benefits received from a product or service. The newsletter emphasizes the importance of understanding the consumer psyche in determining perceived value and the impact of factors like brand ads, online discounts, social media influence, and perceived value on pricing decisions.

The Pricing Conundrum provides valuable insights into the complex world of pricing strategies and consumer behavior across various industries through the lens of an experienced marketing professor and pricing expert.

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Utpal Dholakia

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Through this newsletter, Utpal Dholakia, a marketing professor and pricing expert, leverages his academic research expertise and consulting experience to provide insights on pricing matters from different industries.

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