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The Hub newsletter is a source of carefully selected industry insights, expert analysis, how-to guides, and the latest news on buying, growing, and selling small and medium-sized businesses. The newsletter is focused on the mergers and acquisitions market for these types of businesses. Ronald Skelton is the founder of The Hub newsletter and X: Company.

The Hub newsletter offers the following key features:
- Curated News: The newsletter provides carefully curated news on the latest happenings for small and medium-sized businesses in the mergers and acquisitions market.
- Expert Analysis: It offers expert analysis and insights on buying, growing, and selling Main Street businesses.
- How-to Guides: The Hub newsletter provides practical tips and how-to guides to help readers navigate the mergers and acquisitions process.
- Latest News: It keeps subscribers updated on the latest news and trends in the mergers and acquisitions market for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Geoff Russ, Harrison Lowman, Amal Attar-Guzman, Alisha Rao and Ken Whyte

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The authors of The Hub newsletter are Geoff Russ, Harrison Lowman, Amal Attar-Guzman, Alisha Rao, and Ken Whyte. Geoff Russ is a full-time writer for The Hub, which is based in British Columbia. Harrison Lowman is The Hub's managing editor, with over a decade of experience in journalism, including at TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin, CBC News, CTV National News, and The Literary Review of Canada. Amal Attar-Guzman is a content editor interested in Canadian politics and global affairs. Alisha Rao is a content coordinator interested in history and current events. Ken Whyte is a senior adviser, editor, and publisher at The Sutherland House, former SVP Public Policy at Rogers Communications, and former editor-in-chief and publisher of Maclean's.

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