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Introducing "The Distillate" – your weekly go-to for a refined snapshot of the petroleum industry, tailored for small to mid-sized retailers and high-volume end-users, or anyone with a penchant for all things oil. Crafted by the seasoned team at Standard Petroleum Logistics, this professional publication delivers a blend of factual insights, expert guidance, and just a hint of snark for good measure.

At the helm is Misty Sexton, an industry veteran with a wealth of experience in downstream petroleum wholesale and distribution. The focus primarily centers on the mid-Atlantic region, but fear not, as each edition ensures that at least 50% of the content explores national and global topics. Because, let's face it, oil is a globally traded, fungible commodity, and "The Distillate" keeps you in the loop with the perfect mix of local and international perspectives. Stay informed, stay sharp – "The Distillate" has got your petroleum fix covered!

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Misty Sexton

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Misty Sexton is the founder and president of Standard Petroleum Logistics, located in the Mid-Atlantic Region. With over 15 years in the oil business, she has seen a lot of changes. Her experience within the petroleum industry includes business development, supply procurement, government contracting, logistics, project management, taxation and even dispatching! Her focus within each arena has always been service which is what led her to make the leap to start SPL. In an era of large corporations, expertise and attention to detail are fading away. That’s a dangerous thing when you’re dealing with heavily-regulated, hazardous materials.

She has written and edited for industry publications, lobbied lawmakers and served as a consultant on all things fuel; from emergency preparedness, bid analysis, fuel marketing and general fuel management education.

A native of rural Virginia, Misty Sexton studied biology at Radford University and went on to earn her Master’s in Business from The College of William & Mary. Though she will be the first to tell you her greatest education came from time in the passenger seat, pulling hoses, and getting her hands dirty.

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