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The "Resiliency for Your Reality" newsletter, published by Risk Resiliency Services, focuses on enhancing organizational resilience across various domains. It has a target audience that includes executives, risk managers, and professionals seeking to improve their preparedness for multiple challenges. The newsletter covers topics such as:

- Executive preparedness, emphasizing the importance of knowing the whereabouts of key personnel at all times.
- Meeting the needs of disabled individuals in emergencies, highlighting the importance of inclusive planning.
- There is a need for updated plans and programs, encouraging regular reviews and updates.
- National cybersecurity strategies and key takeaways, emphasizing the collective responsibility in defending cyberspace.
- Scaling resilience programs using scorecards, combining data and standards to build world-class resilience.
- Resilience for remote workers, addressing the challenges and opportunities of a remote/hybrid workforce.

Michelle Newcome writes the newsletter and aims to provide practical insights and guidance to help readers build more resilient organizations.

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$25 per month or $250 yearly ($18/month)

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Michelle Newcome

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Michelle Newcome is a professional in the fields of crisis management, emergency response, security, and business continuity. She is the founder and publisher of How2Conquer, a platform that helps authors structure their books to maximize reader engagement. Newcome excels in designing highly effective and comprehensive emergency response, security, business continuity, and crisis management strategies.

She has written books and audiobooks that are available on platforms like Everand. Newcome's work extends beyond her professional expertise, as she has also written a book titled "Simply Put" that helps individuals find peace, both on and off the mat, using stories and ideas from her own yoga studio.

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