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Peak Notions is a weekly deep-dive into what we presume we know, written by Laura Kennedy. It is a Substack newsletter that covers topics such as philosophy, knowledge, and how to be uncertain in a world full of over-confident certitude. Laura Kennedy is a writer whose favorite questions are the ones we aren't supposed to ask. Peak Notions also has an audio component, which can be accessed through Patreon.

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While Laura Kennedy's newsletter, "Peak Notions," is freely accessible to all, subscribing as a paid member brings an array of exclusive benefits. Paid subscribers can enjoy audio versions of each column, dive into exclusive articles, and participate in the vibrant community conversation through comments. Additionally, they gain entry to the monthly Peak Notions Book Club and an engaging weekly live chat named the Peak Notions live hour. Subscribers also unlock full access to the extensive Peak Notions Archive, where the journey of exploration continues. As "Peak Notions" continues to flourish, more enticing benefits are on the horizon, promising an ever-growing and enriching experience for its dedicated readers.

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Laura Kennedy

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Laura Kennedy is a multifaceted writer, blending her roles as a freelance journalist, editor, and former philosopher. Her work delves into unconventional topics, inviting readers to contemplate the profound in the everyday. Beyond her contributions to established publications like The Sunday Times STYLE and Vogue Online, Laura's true passion lies in self-driven exploration. Her Substack platform, "Peak Notions," showcases her unique approach, where she pens thought-provoking narratives that challenge conventional thinking. Through her writings, Laura Kennedy invites us to embrace new perspectives and find meaning in unexpected places, making us think, laugh, and see the world in a different light.

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