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"On the Circuit" is a newsletter that focuses on the evolving film festival circuit, new trends, and keys to maximizing success for filmmakers. The content of the newsletter includes:

- Updates on the film festival circuit: The newsletter provides information on the latest developments and changes in the film festival landscape, helping filmmakers stay informed about the industry.

- New trends: "On the Circuit" keeps filmmakers up-to-date on emerging trends and best practices in the film festival world, ensuring they know the latest strategies and approaches.

- Keys to maximizing success: The newsletter offers insights and advice on how to create the ideal strategy for a film and advance a filmmaker's career, providing valuable guidance for those looking to make a mark in the industry.

Overall, "On the Circuit" is a valuable resource for filmmakers seeking to navigate the complex and ever-changing film festival circuit. It offers insights and advice to help them succeed in their careers.

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Jon Fitzgerald

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Jon is a co-founder of Slamdance and directed many other fests (AFI, Naples, Abu Dhabi) and consulted to dozens. He has supported thousands of filmmakers in his 25 yr career.

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