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Find inspiration in well-researched essays that delve into the topics of focused distractions, adaptable routines, and beneficial stress. Enthralled by the fascinating intricacies of the human brain, Anne-Laure Le Cunf explores the fascinating overlap between entrepreneurship and neuroscience. Maker Mind, a platform that dares to create, encourages individuals to embrace motivational challenges, and helps them develop better thinking skills. The newsletter offers a deep dive into productivity, creativity, and mental well-being, presenting its content in three sections: "Brain food," which includes original articles; "Brain candy," featuring interesting links from across the internet; and "Brain hack," offering an exclusive mini-article. If you've grown tired of the seemingly magical formulas touted by self-proclaimed productivity experts, subscribe to Maker Mind and unlock the full potential of your mind!

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The subscription plan for Maker Mind is free, with no cost associated with it.

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Anne-Laure Le Cunff

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Anne-Laure Le Cunf is a writer, entrepreneur, and neuroscience post-grad. She sent the first edition of Maker Mind in 2019 and now has 20k subscribers. Additionally, she aims to create a school where people can study essential topics like critical thinking, emotional resilience, confidence, mindfulness, mental health management, and effective communication.

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