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Discover the world of NFTs through the captivating Letters from Zeneca_33. This intriguing newsletter offers a diverse range of insights and expertise gathered by Zeneca, who immerses themselves in the NFT landscape. Explore everything from the remarkable accomplishments of the Bored Ape Yacht Club to in-depth analyses of rug pulls, cancel culture, and NFT launch dramas. Written by a true insider, this newsletter guarantees a wealth of wisdom, perfect for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Join Zeneca's thrilling journey and prepare to flourish in the NFT realm. Remember, we're still at the early stages of this exciting revolution!

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The newsletter subscription, "Letters from a Zeneca_33," is available for free. However, if there are any additional subscription plans or exclusive content outside the newsletter, the pricing details have not been mentioned in the provided text.

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Roy, also known as @Zeneca_33, is an influential figure in the NFT world. He made a remarkable transition from being a professional poker player for 15 years to diving into the NFT space. Driven by the concept of true digital ownership and the thriving creator economy, Roy decided to shift careers, shifting his focus from playing cards to playing with digital art forms. Roy is not only a podcaster with his show "Two Bored Apes," but he has also recently launched his own NFT, offering a lifetime membership to ZenAcademy, an exclusive Discord server.

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