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The Happy AF newsletter, created by Phil Gerbyshak, is a publication focused on promoting authentic and fulfilling happiness. The abbreviation "AF" in Happy AF can be interpreted as "Authentic and Fulfilling," emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself and finding joy in aligning actions with inner desires and goals. The newsletter delves into topics like authenticity in sales, leadership, and personal development, highlighting the significance of genuine interactions and staying true to one's values. Additionally, it explores the concept of fulfilling joy, which goes beyond momentary pleasures to provide a more profound sense of satisfaction and purpose through pursuing passions and meaningful goals. Embracing Happy AF without judgment allows for a broader understanding of happiness, whether interpreted in its authentic context or colloquially. The newsletter aims to inspire readers to find genuine contentment and meaning in their lives.

The Happy AF newsletter covers many topics related to happiness, personal development, and positive psychology. It is a comprehensive roadmap for happiness, drawing heavily from neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavioral science. The newsletter provides simple strategies to get unstuck, bounce back, and live one's best life, offering insights on strengthening the "happiness muscle" through exercises and practical advice. Additionally, it explores the importance of authenticity in sales, leadership, and personal growth, emphasizing genuine interactions and staying true to one's values. Overall, Happy AF inspires readers to find authentic joy and fulfillment by pursuing meaningful goals and aligning actions with inner desires.


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Phil Gerbyshak

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Phil Gerbyshak is the creator of the Happy AF newsletter, focusing on promoting authentic and fulfilling happiness. He is known for delivering motivating and energetic keynotes that captivate audiences while providing actionable content for implementing new sales techniques, leadership strategies, and cutting-edge technologies that lead to lasting results. Phil Gerbyshak is described as a "Sales Enablement nerd" and a "Leadership lover," emphasizing his expertise in these areas[3]. Through Happy AF, he shares practical and tactical insights to help individuals live their best lives and find genuine joy and fulfillment. Additionally, Phil Gerbyshak offers coaching, training, and speaking services to help organizations improve productivity, profitability, and performance[.

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