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The First 1000 newsletter, authored by Ali Abouelatta, covers various topics related to gaining the first 1000 customers for a business. The newsletter focuses on strategies and insights to help companies attract their initial customer base by emulating successful approaches from top apps and companies. Check out our quick review here! Ali Abouelatta's newsletter delves into various aspects, such as market landscapes, go-to-market strategies, origin stories of successful ventures, and tools for customer acquisition. Additionally, the newsletter explores the evolution of reading apps like Matter, the power of trust in platforms like Substack, and actionable ideas to acquire the first customers, including innovative tactics like creating a reality TV show, using Twitter bots for promotion, leveraging Quora for awareness, and more.

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Ali Abouelatta

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Ali Abouelatta has a diverse background that includes roles such as Strategic Engagement Manager and Gamification Product Manager at Duolingo and involvement in startup investments and the MENA startup scene. His experience spans areas like in-app purchasing, subscription growth, strategic engagement at Duolingo, and investments in various startups, including those related to machine learning, personal finance management, language learning, and more.

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