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"Economics with Dr. A" is a short-form educational content series created by Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani, an economist and professor. The content is focused on explaining economic concepts beyond the headlines to help young professionals navigate the complexities of the economy. Dr. A leverages the power of storytelling to make economics relevant and easy to understand and takes mentorship seriously by including students in research and content creation. The newsletter and YouTube videos aim to help the audience improve their understanding of economics and how it impacts their personal and professional lives. The content also emphasizes the importance of community engagement and support. Dr. A's work is greatly appreciated, and the audience is encouraged to engage with the content, share it with friends, and be part of the community. The series is available on various platforms, including Substack, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani

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Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani is an Associate Professor of Economics and the Center for Economic Education Director at Northern Kentucky University. He is also a financial literacy advocate who aims to increase access to economic education and improve financial literacy. Dr. Al Bahrani is a 2010 Gatton College's economics Ph.D. program graduate. He has been recognized for his work in economic education and was selected as the next Center Representative for the National Association of Economic Educators in 2017. Dr. Al Bahrani's research interests include financial literacy education, examining racial and gender differences in financial knowledge, and the impact of the health pandemic on economic outcomes.

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