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Dr. Kimberly Douglass's newsletter is called "The ADHD Biz Plug," it delivers practical advice and wisdom to help readers feel safe enough to take action for their business. The newsletter is reader-supported and covers the impact of business versus numbers, when your business feels dangerous, and outsourcing attention.

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Dr. Kimberly Douglass

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Dr. Kimberly Douglass is a highly accomplished individual with a Ph.D. She is the author of "You Are the Revolution! Education that Empowers your Black Child and Strengthens Your Family," co-written with Robin Harwick, Ph.D. Dr. Douglass is a prominent figure in the field of neurodivergent business coaching and consulting, with a focus on supporting rejection-sensitive (RSD) entrepreneurs. Her newsletter, "The ADHD Biz Plug," and her work as a transition coach for ADHD adults demonstrate her commitment to providing specialized support for individuals with ADHD in the business world.

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