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Unfortunately, Creative Brew has stopped delivering the newsletter since September 2022. They are still incredibly active on all social media; check out the links and will be launching a community forum at the exact location of the current website.


The truth is that every creator craves new inspiration to ignite their artistic endeavors. In the realm of creative exploration, Creative Brew, comprising Nir, Chris, and David, brings forth an abundance of resources, unique products, innovative ideas, and other delightful projects to keep your creative flames burning. Acting as a conduit for artists across the globe, Creative Brew endeavors to foster a community that champions, collaborates, motivates, and propels each member forward. Whether you're a filmmaker, writer, digital artist, or simply on a creative quest, subscribing to their newsletter promises an injection of inspiration and an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion.

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Creative Brew is offered as a complimentary subscription, allowing you to enjoy the contents without any cost.

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Nir, Chris, and David

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Nir, Chris, and David are the talented individuals behind a newsletter that aims to inspire and uplift creators. They understand the importance of staying inspired, especially during the demanding "grind time" of a project. Their ultimate ambition is to connect with hundreds of thousands of creators in the coming years.

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